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Property Types

·         Rental, Coops and Condos  Buildings: 8 -100 units

·         Commercial Condos

·         Lofts: 4 Units and Up

·         Mixed Use Buildings: 4 - 150 Units

·         Walk Up Buildings

·         Elevator Buildings

Market Exclusive Offer

·         Low Cost Management Fee
(6%-8% of rent roll depending on the building size)

·         100% Occupancy Warranty

·         24/7 Management Service

·         Maintenance

·         Legal Proceedings

·         Court Hearings

·         City, State and Government Representation

·         Financial Services

·         Marketing Services

·         Brokerage Services


Management Service

·         No matter the time and day, you will find us available 24/7 to provide you with any service regarding your property.

·         All building activities are tracked and monitored using a state-of-the-art property management system.

·         To reduce vacancy time, we open available apartments to over 400 trusted brokers and 10,000 agents in New York City. We make sure they have accurate information and access to make a swift transition between tenants.

·         New tenant screening is one of the most important steps in the leasing process. We run a credit check, verify job and income. Taking these precautions guarantees any new tenant stepping into your building will be the right one.



·         All buildings are maintained by highly trained and experienced superintendents.

·         To minimize surprise costs of any kind, we take anticipatory measures and document all maintenance.

·         Full building inspections are conducted weekly.

·         We make sure off-limits areas are marked, locked and secured to prevent injuries of tenants and/or workers.

·         Building regulations are strictly enforced.

·         Building facilities - garbage room, laundry site, roof deck, playgrounds, backyards and storage spaces - are maximized to give tenants added convenience and safety. This feature also works to make your property highly desirable.

·         All inspections - Fire Department, Boiler, Electricity, Gas, etc. - are made in a timely manner to ensure safety.

·         Routine and preventative maintenance

·         Efficient supply ordering and inventory control

·         Violations management


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