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Finance Services

·         We do all the building's bookkeeping and payroll through our affiliation with

ATAX Accounting and Financial Services

·         All incomes and expenses are kept in a separate operating account for each


·         All security deposits are held in separate accounts.

·         Separate monthly reports are created for each building.

·         Financial reports are provided to our accountant with all supporting

documentation to file for taxes.

·         Full transparency is provided on all statements and reports at all times.

Legal Proceedings

·         Management and legal representation will attend any and all court hearings

to resolve pending actions or files for action.

·         We will work in tandem with all city and state agencies:

o    HPD Department of Housing Preservation & Development

o    DOB Department of Buildings

o    NYC Finance

o    ECB Environmental Control Board

o    DEP Department of Environmental Protection

o    DHCR Division of Housing and Community Renewal

o    RSA Rent Stabilization Association

o    IRS Internal Revenue Service

·         We will protect our tenants by reacting swiftly and efficiently should any issues arise.

·         We will seize any opportunity to deregulate rent-controlled and rent-stabilized apartments.

Doing so will exceedingly increase your property income and profits. 



·         HDFC Regulatory and Bylaws Compliance

·         Income re-certifications and IRS certifications

·         HDC / HPD / HUD compliance certifications

·         Investor / Syndicator / Lender compliance

·         Responsiveness to management reviews


Marketing  Regardless of property type, we will do the marketing for you. We will:

·         Advertise through all major New York real estate broker systems

·         Advertise through major classified and internet portals

·         Advertise through major New York newspapers

·         Distribute mailers to potential investors

ADCNY Realty Corp

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