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Smart Ideas for a Home Office That Works

Smart Ideas for a Home Office That Works as Hard as You

by Tina Martin from


You work hard when it comes to running your business, but are you working smart? If you don’t have a dedicated office area, the answer is probably not quite. The good news is, there are multiple ways to create the home office you (and your company) deserve: you can buy, build, or design the work area of your dreams.

With ADCNY Realty Corp, it’s easy to find out what you can qualify for – and how the market is faring. Of course, buying a new home isn’t the only way to relocate your business. Consider these options for overhauling your at-home office space.





















Move to a New Home and Business Location

Moving to a new home could be the fresh start you and your company need. In a bigger house, you’ll have space to prioritize your comfort while making room for your business responsibilities. Listing your current home may be easy enough with ADCNY Realty Corp, but finding a new place takes some effort, too.

To prepare, you’ll need to outline a timeline for your purchase, apply for pre-approval, zero in on the loan amount you can afford, and begin your search for the perfect property. Though many businesses are struggling, the housing market remains competitive, so it pays to move quickly.

If your company could use a financial boost, consider exploring finance programs to free up your personal accounts.

Whether you select a government-backed program (like SBA Express Bridge loans, the Main Street Business Lending Program, or traditional SBA loans) or an alternative funding source, you could revitalize your business without dipping into your own pocket.



Construct the Space That Fits Your Needs

Enlisting the help of a general contractor is another option to make room for a home office. If your floor plan doesn’t feature a workspace, building an addition could be the perfect solution.

Many homeowners opt to convert their garage or attic spaces into work areas. For at-home businesses that need to store products or materials, a conversion could be perfect. But if all you need is room for a desk and office chair, a smaller-scale construction project may suffice.

For example, installing area partitions could help cordon off a quieter work area. Small Business Trends suggests room dividers for creating a cubicle space. The setup can be as simple as a hanging curtain or as complicated as a sliding partition with a built-in track.

Enclosing your deck or patio is another unconventional option that adds square footage and quiet office space for a relatively low price. Take a closer look at your home’s floorplan to determine the best strategy for maximizing your workable space.



















Upgrade Your Equipment for Productivity

Running a home-based business from a laptop perched on your knees doesn’t feel professional. And the fact is, your mindset matters when it comes to entrepreneurship. Setting up a more comfortable — and permanent — home office helps you feel more polished and ready to tackle every business task. Think about investing in a desk that makes you feel like a boss, but also a piece of furniture that fits your space and business needs. Innovations like a standing desk or exercise ball seat are optional; your priorities should be comfort and consistency.

Once the basics are set, spruce up your new office with a bit of décor. Think about potted plants, soothing paint colors, and curtains that allow natural light in without creating a glare on your computer screen.


Ultimately, your new office needs to check a few boxes: comfort, convenience, and enough room to run your enterprise without having your creativity stifled. Renovating or redecorating might be just what you need to buckle down and get working. But if you’re hoping to list your current home or buy the perfect property with an in-home office, reach out to ADCNY Realty Corp for expert advice today.

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